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The Parke at Ocean Pines

The Parke
2 Arcadia Court
Ocean Pines, MD 21811
(410) 208-4994

2020/2021 Photos

2021 Harvest Dinner

Photo Credit: Mike Leventhal

2021 Mix & Mingle Event

Photo Credit: Gloria Dietz & Christina Cisneros

2021 Bonfire

Photo Credit: Penny Miller

2021 Gail Reese Goodbye Party

Photo Credit: Penny Miller

2021 Finger Lakes Trip-NY

Photo Credit: Bob Klinger

2021 Crab Feast

Photo Credit: Linda Olsen

2021 Plein Air Event

Photo Credit: Steve Habeger

2021 Garden Tour

Photo Credit: Penny Miller

2021 Happy Hour Meet & Greet

Photo Credit: Karen Kaplan

20th Anniversary of The Parke – May 19, 2021

Photo Credit: Josh Davis

HERON RESCUE – “Mr. Parke”

UPDATE: Tri-State determined that the bird had too many problems from the puncture wound, namely a torn tendon of the hook being in there so long. They had to put him down as there would be no chance of any kind of decent recovery. We were so looking forward to a reunion with Mr. Parke. Our Parke people went above and beyond and will do it again if the occasion arises. 

The excitement for the weekend was the rescue of a Great Blue Heron in the pond on Federal Hill.  On Saturday, 4/24/21 the bird was stuck in the mud in the pond because he was debilitated from fishing line, hook, and sinker attached to his leg, around his chest and one wing. The hook was embedded in his leg. Ray Olsen and Bud Benton captured him and removed the line, hook, and sinker; cleaned his wound where the hook was removed, and left him beside the pond. He was too exhausted by then to even move away from them. In the meantime, several neighbors were involved and calls were made to Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark, DE. They said they would come to claim him and take him in for rehabilitation. By Saturday evening, he was up on his one foot with the other foot being noticeably injured, and flapping his wings. Tri-State was not going to arrive until Sunday so the bird was left beside the pond for the night while everyone involved worried if he would get through the night without incident. Early Sunday morning several Parke residents came out to see that he made it through the night and to wait for Tri-State to arrive. They came shortly after noon, the bird was rescued, loaded into the back of a car, and was transported to Newark for assessment and rehab. Tri-State will release “Mr. Parke” when he returns to full health. They like to release the recovered birds in the area where they were rescued. If he is able to return to the wild, we may see him again when his big release day comes. Tri-State will be in touch so we will keep you posted on progress.

PICS: Ray and Bud working on Mr. Parke; The Tri-State rescue lady carrying Mr. Parke to the rescue vehicle; Ray handing over the bag of fishing line, hook, and sinker that they removed from Mr. Parke; Ray and Mr. Parke loaded into his transport crate; The rescue ladies fill out the paperwork to make the rescue complete

Photos by: Linda Olsen

Fresh Catch of the Day

Photos by: Bob Grimm

Halloween Fun

Photos by: Penny Miller

Treasure Hunt

Photos by: Susann Palamara

Pet Parade

Photos by: Susann Palamara

Tour de Parke

Photos by: Susann Palamara

Summer/Nature at The Parke

Photos by: Bob Grimm

Memorial Day Observance in The Parke

Photos by: Donald Gold

Spring along Manklin Creek

Photos by: Bob Grimm

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