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The Parke at Ocean Pines

The Parke
2 Arcadia Court
Ocean Pines, MD 21811
(410) 208-4994

Meet the Candidates

Candidates were asked to answer the following questions as part of their application process:

1) Why do I want to be on The Parke Board of Directors?   

Dale Buley responded: “Since moving to The Parke, I have been heavily involved in the organized activities of the community and have become most familiar with the workings for the Parke and where there are opportunities for new approaches and new initiatives.  I believe that with my Parke background and with my background in both management and accounting related business and charitable activities, I am qualified to explore these new initiatives and new opportunities which will further “grow the Parke” while at the same time insuring that we make cost effective decisions.”

Joseph Marsden responded: “Seven years ago, I retired and my wife and I moved from our home in Waldorf, Maryland to our home in The Parke.  During these past seven years, we have enjoyed the many benefits of living in our beautiful and caring community. We enjoyed many benefits which were made possible because our neighbors assumed responsibility for the administration and operation of the Parke.  Some of my neighbors have asked me to consider helping our community continue to provide these benefits which we all enjoy. This would give me an opportunity to “give back” some of the benefits I enjoy. If you decide to give me the opportunity, I would be pleased to serve.”

Tom Weber responded: “I was elected to The Parke Board of Directors in 2009 and have served two years as HOA Secretary.  I currently serve as Board liaison to Covenants and Programs Advisory Committees and have previously served as Board liaison to Operations, Nominating/Elections, Budget & Finance and Communications Advisory Committees.  If I am re-elected, it would permit me continue that service and let me meet and work with more of my fellow residents.  I would look forward to completing some of the projects started in the past two years such as communications initiatives, our reserve study, and review of energy alternatives.”

2)  What qualifications would I bring to the Board? 

Dale Buley replied: “I have been active in a number of different areas of the Parke.  I have been a member of the Operations Advisory Committee for four years serving as Chairman for nearly two and a half years.  I have also acted as Operations liaison to both Budget & Finance and Energy Advisory Committees.  I am currently serving as a member of both the Ocean Pines and Parke Budget & Finance committees.  I served on the Nominations Committee, have coordinated three “clean-up the Parke” efforts and organized and coordinated a Parke “Safety Awareness campaign.”

Joseph Marsden replied: “During my 18 years as a public school teacher, and my 20 years as an administrative assistant with the Department of Defense, I was responsible for planning programs and organizing committees to implement these programs. While serving as treasure of the Charles County Bellewood Water Association and also the Charles County Teachers Association, I administered $50,000 annual budgets.”

Tom Weber replied: “Two years of practical experience working with Board members, management, staff and residents resolving issues facing The Parke Home Owners Association. If re-elected, I would continue to apply my ability and willingness to listen to all points of view to the objective determination of decisions affecting our community.  And finally, I would build upon my formal education and business experience to continue to work with people within The Parke towards finding practical solutions to common problems.”

3) What are the main issues I see the Board facing in the next two years?

Dale Buley answered: “Protecting an aging infrastructure and insuring that reserve funds are available to protect our investment without onerous cost to Parke residents.  As the infrastructure continues to age, there will be even greater pressure to insure that required funds are available.  Therefore, greater emphasis must be placed on insuring that we are prepared to take necessary action while being keenly aware that costs to residents are kept to an absolute minimum.  We need to constantly work towards insuring that our capital decisions have been thoroughly researched and that everything is being done to insure that “in place’ facilities have a maximum service life.”

Joseph Marsden answered: “During the next two years the cost of living will increase.  We must continue to maintain the beautiful environment we share, and continue to provide the quality of life found in the park, while keeping expenses as low as possible.”

Tom Weber answered: “In addition to the continuing challenge of working with management to minimize expenses and keep assessments low, the main issues facing the Board in the near future are:

  • Further growth and development of our communications media with our GM as prime facilitator.
  • Successful conduct of our level II Reserve Study to assure appropriate reserves for future capital replacements.
  • Identification and utilization of an energy alternative strategy to save on escalating energy costs for Clubhouse and Mail Pavilion.
  • Growth of volunteer pool of talent willing to serve as CRR’s, on Committees and on Board of Directors.”


Community members are invited to attend the Meet the Candidates Forum on Saturday April, 2 at 9:30 AM.  There are boxes to put your questions to the candidates in the Mail Pavilion and the Clubhouse.  Some of these questions will be asked at the Forum.  Please plan on attending.

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